best business technology and productivity gadgets

New technology gadgets that must be in your office

At this stage of human development, we can optimize a bunch of things to increase our efficiency. Everyone knows that time is the most valuable resource and if we can save it with the help of gadgets, it will be a great opportunity to improve productivity in your office. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best gadgets in 2021 that can be very useful in your office.

Doxy Go Review

Doxy Go is one of the best business technology and productivity gadgets, a handy and unique portable scanner that doesn’t take up much space and is easy and fast to use. With it, you can scan important documents, photos, or receipts in minutes. Because of its compact size, it fits in your purse so you can use it whenever and wherever you want. It can last over 400 scans before its next charge.

You don’t need a computer to use Doxy Go, just plug in a document and it saves it on a CD or send it straight to your email

SanDisk Wireless Stick Review

 SanDisk is a new technology flash drive with which you can share files on any of your gadgets. You don’t need to plug the device in anywhere, except to recharge it.

So you can share your files without any Internet connection or wire, and you can free up your phone memory by transferring some files to the flash drive.

Jabra Speak Series Overview

The Jabra Speak Series makes life in any office so much easier. It’s a speakerphone that makes conference communication easy. They’re guaranteed to give you clear, high-quality sound and reduce the technical hassle of video conferencing. This is especially true during remote negotiations, and work in general.

Luxafor Review

Luxaphor helps improve the productivity of your office. In an open space, you share the same space with lots of people and unnecessary sounds and disturbances do not make your work any more efficient. Using Luxafor shows your colleagues when you’re busy and when you’re free so you’re not distracted when you don’t need to be.

Connect the device via USB and change the green and red colors to give signals to your colleagues about your “status”.

Upright Go Review

Office work equals a sedentary lifestyle which as we know is very bad for our health. Upright Go will help you minimize the damage caused by your occupation. The principle of this gadget is as follows: it attaches to the upper part of your back and thus it teaches you to keep your posture straight. The device will vibrate as soon as it notices that you start to slouch.

Beam Intelligent Projector Overview

With this projector, any surface can become a screen. Plug it in through a wall outlet, or connect it through a special cable and control it from your phone. So you can decorate any presentation with a beautiful location and an unusual choice of technique for the purpose.