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Best cloud storage services for a small business

There are a lot of opportunities in the vastness of the Internet that allow your business to grow. There you can share, store and back up important documents from any device, anywhere in the world where the Internet is present. Thus, it is very convenient for business companies to rely on cloud servers to keep important information safe because you can access them from any gadget and your data will be right where you need it. In this article, we will talk about the best cloud servers for small businesses.

Google Drive Review

It’s no surprise that Google Drive is on the list of the best cloud storage services, as you won’t find a more reliable server. The main reason why it is so popular is that the chance of failure and leakage of information on this server is equaled to zero.

But if we are talking about a small business, there may be some problems. The fact is that cloud servers in business companies have a lot of important data, while a normal Google Drive user will not need more than 15GB of memory. Therefore, it is better to look at those servers that will fully meet your requirements.

Dropbox Overview

This is an affordable cloud server that is also very popular. As you might have guessed, the popular cloud storage services for small businesses are often the best choice because they tend to be more frequently supported, and have a higher level of security.

By paying $8 you will have 1 TB of storage at your disposal, which is significantly more than many competitors. It’s also very straightforward to use, so it’s perfect for small businesses.

Amazon S3 Review

Amazon S3 is Amazon’s cloud storage service which has also been a success. Some might argue that S3 is not as secure and efficient as others, but what few people know is that it is on par with the level of security provided by major U.S. corporations. So if you want high-quality cloud storage at a bargain price, you should choose Amazon S3.

OneDrive Review

The main feature of Microsoft’s OneDrive is that it comes with an Office 365 service, with which you can combine your office programs with cloud services into one set of credentials.

OneDrive gives you a wide panel of options along with plenty of storage space. The server is also perfectly secure, as Microsoft provides the best protocols for dealing with information breaches

SOS Backup Review

SOS Backup has the feature of combining your cloud storage with a backup service to have everything you might need at your fingertips. SOS has a lot more features than its competitors like Carbonite, making it a perfect candidate for cloud storage for small businesses.

It helps you save on operational costs and provides a decent level of security with a reasonable number of features, all for the respectable price of $30 a month.