How to Effectively Accomplish Due Diligence Using Data Rooms?

The right to information privacy using data rooms is the right of an individual to control all information processes associated with the collection and use of personal data.

Due Diligence Using Data Rooms as the Result of Informatization of Society

The principle of due diligence is a set of measures to check a potential recipient of support, study his activities in order to form an objective opinion about the object of support in order to reduce risks. One of the main elements of the principle of due diligence in the Fund’s activities is the “Know Your Client” rule, which recommends the development of adequate policies and procedures in order to better understand the Fund’s audience, prevent corruption and increase transparency. In the field of charity, this rule applies to work with both donors and beneficiaries.

Due diligence is an important part of our risk mitigation process. For this purpose, it is used in all programs and competitions of the Foundation to resolve the issue of support for each potential beneficiary. In relation to legal entities, the process includes legal analysis, understanding the sustainability of the organization’s activities, and exploring its possibilities for the implementation of the proposed project. The process of identifying a potential beneficiary of the Fund occurs remotely when considering an application submitted on the portal, on the basis of supporting documents submitted by the applicant.

Due diligence using data rooms is a powerful software infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. It enables collaboration with video, voice, and HD content to help you make smarter, more effective decisions and improve employee productivity. Data room software solution provides a comprehensive collaboration infrastructure to meet virtually any need. Whether deploying a solution in the cloud or deploying on-premises, organizations can count on a superior combination of user experience and ease of management. Since the ability to work with information is becoming one of the priorities for a modern person, the education system is designed to form the student’s ability to think critically.

The Best Way to Accomplish Due Diligence Using Data Rooms

The best way to accomplish due diligence for data rooms is a choice of a specific method for ensuring the confidentiality of personal data depending on the actual threats (which is why it is so important to have a high-quality threat model) for them and the information technologies used for processing personal data. These methods include:

  • use of virtual network technology based on security labels (VLAN, TrustSec or MPLS);
  • archiving of personal data; 
  • processing of personal data within the controlled area;
  • use of optical communication channels;
  • transfer personal data to the category of public data or obtain the consent of the subject for their transfer in clear text;
  • implement the principle of minimum privileges and limit the circle of persons who have access to personal data;
  • anonymize personal data;
  • correct definition of the boundaries of the personal data information system;
  • use means of cryptographic information protection.

Due diligence using data rooms is a system of the following interrelated processes:

  • informational – separation and presentation of all socially significant information in the form available for storage, processing, and transmission by electronic means;
  • cognitive – the formation and preservation of an integral information model of the world, which allows society to carry out proactive dynamic regulation of its development at all levels: from an individual activity to the functioning of public institutions;
  • material – the construction of a global infrastructure for electronic storage, processing, and transmission of information.